Object Storage Designed For The Fediverse

We are building the first object storage service truly designed for the unique requirements and challenges the fediverse faces. The primary goal? Build an object storage solution that is inexpensive and combines the performance aspects of a CDN – then make that even more inexpensive.

How It Works

Object Storage by fediverse.services is an S3-compatible object storage service with plans for an anycast CDN in the near future. In a first for any object storage solution in it’s class, your data is automatically replicated across multiple physical locations using linear-time erasure coding (like RAID but better).

As we build out the anycast CDN, your data will be served from endpoints around the world that are closer to your users, in a completely transparent fashion.

Open Beta

Want to try our object storage solution? Message @info@social.fediverse.services to get on the wait list. No charge for non-commercial use if you sign up during the beta period.